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 Introduction To Boot Camp 

Introduction to Soul Contract Revocation Boot Camp.

Everything you need to know...


How to find and sort your issues.

How to find the agreements that need revoking.

And how to do the soul contract revocation technique in a powerful new way.

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The Purpose

The purpose of this course is to teach you how find and revoke hundreds if not thousands of agreements you have made that literally determine how you live and experience your life.  Revoking these contracts changes everything, from the inside out.  Including how you think and feel.  It's kinda weird yet amazing how this works in practice.

By the end of the course you will know how to find and revoke soul contracts in this whole new way with some of the most amazing results you can imagine.

Some lessons will have assignments.

Some lessons will have training videos embedded.

Some of the training videos will be explaining things, others will be giving or getting a soul contract removal session.  

The way I do this kind of work is that I do a few things to actually pull up lots of agreements before I do the actual Revocations steps as laid out by Cameron Day.

This is not the only thing we do to put the revocation process on 'steroids' but it's where the magic starts.

So, how does one find these agreements that need to be revoked?  Like, how is that done?!!!

I will be explaining, teaching and showing how I to do this with audio and video or actual sessions, as well as explaining it in live realtime broadcasted, interactive training sessions.

As you listen to me do sessions, you will notice that I will often explain what I am doing during the session, while I am doing it.  This is part of the style of training I do, its just the way I teach.  So it might be I am giving myself a session and then all the sudden start talking to you, explaining what I am doing or why, or I might start explaining some theory or some 'thing' abt the process.

By the way, what I am teaching you in these Preliminary Steps (and some of the other steps of the revocation process) is based on over 30 years of experience doing all kinds of release work.  Because I am no stranger to release techniques in general... we are able to get much more out of the revocation process than what we may normally hear abt on the net, because we are bringing into the mix many other 'facilitator' tricks and techniques.  Tricks and techniques that are easier to show in the live demo sessions than explain in text.

So you come here to Camp, do your lessons, watch your vids, read your stuff, and start finding your soul contracts, and start doing your soul contract revocations and watch how you change, how your life changes, it really works.

So there it is.
Study when you can, and take as long as you need to finish the course.

And this concludes the intro.  

If you haven't already done so, you can register/enroll (using the form on the home page) and pay using any of the paypal payment buttons. 

Only $89.00

Thanks for doing this with me.

And may you never be the same.

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