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 Psychic Deep Scans w/ Katana & Rich 

Deep Dive Psychic Dual Scans

Live on Zoom

Experience profound spiritual insights and clearing, live on Zoom with Rich & Katana.

A 1 hour deep dive deep into your spiritual essence, uncover hidden energies, and experience transformative clarity with our Psychic Remote Viewing, Scanning, and Clearing Sessions.


Why Choose Our Psychic Deep Scans?

  • Expertise: Katana possesses a rare combination of psychic vision, empathic abilities, and exceptional intuitive perception.  The ability to see, sense and feel your past-life issues and entities remotely.  This, combined with Rich's own psychic talents, clairsentience, and technical skills at removing entities & clearing past-life trauma ensures a thorough and revealing Psychic Deep Scan session to bring about clarity, relief and understanding.

  • Comprehensive Scanning: We delve deep to uncover and address a wide range of spiritual concerns such as past lives, entity harassment, psychic attacks, Dark Night of The Soul, Twin-Flame Issues, Curses, Self-Sabotaging A.I. Programs, A.I. implants, and more.

  • Dual Insight: Working together, we harness the synergy of our combined psychic energies, years of experience and technical expertise, offering you profound insights into your true nature, life situations, and any adverse energies impacting you.

  • Discover, Understand, Resolve:

  • Past Life Revelations: Delve into past lives, soul contracts, and life scripts.

  • Address Spiritual Concerns: From ET connections and implants, to understanding & clearing soul traps and past-life relationships, and so much more, we're here for you.

  • Seek Relationship Clarity: Understand the spiritual dynamics with your past & current partners, lovers, family, abusers, and more.

Our Commitment:

Our primary goal is to help you find spiritual clarity, relief, and release. We are deeply committed to ensuring every session is insightful and transformative. Your trust in our service means the world to us.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, resolution, and spiritual empowerment.

Schedule your Psychic Deep Dive Session with us today.




$150.00 ph


If you have questions or would like more information about deep dive psychic scans or anything else being offered, please leave your name and contact information with your questions and inquiries. Thank you. Kind regards, Rich
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