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Welcome to Deep Dive Channeling with Rich & Helena

Discover profound connections and unearth hidden truths from beyond with Rich and Helena’s unique Dual Deep Dive Channeling sessions. Whether you’re seeking to explore relationships with extraterrestrials, reconnect with your higher self, or unlock the secrets of your past lives, our personalized sessions on Zoom offer you a gateway to enlightenment.

What We Offer

Our sessions combine the intuitive psychic insights of Rich with the unparalleled channeling abilities of Helena to bring you a comprehensive exploration of your spiritual and extraterrestrial connections. Here’s what makes our sessions special:

  • ET Channeling: Connect with your extraterrestrial lineage or communicate directly with Helena’s ET connections for guidance and wisdom that transcends our earthly existence.
  • Higher Self Communication: Engage with your higher self to gain clarity and perspective on your life’s path and decisions.
  • Dual Deep Dive Experience: Both Rich and Helena collaborate in each session, ensuring a multi-faceted approach to your spiritual inquiries. This unique format allows us to address your needs comprehensively, making room for adjustments based on the insights received.
  • Entity Resolution and Past Life Insights: As needed, we address spiritual entities and provide past life readings to resolve lingering questions or issues.

How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation: Every journey begins with a conversation. Join us on a Zoom call where we discuss your needs and aspirations for the session.
  2. Tailored Sessions: Based on our discussion, we tailor the session to focus on your specific questions and areas of interest.
  3. Deep Dive Channeling: Through our channeling and psychic reading, we explore the realms beyond to bring you answers and insights.
  4. Integration and Guidance: Post-session, we provide guidance on how to integrate the insights gained into your daily life.


Each hour-long session is priced at $150. Book a session today and embark on a journey to discover the extraordinary connections that shape your existence.

Ready to Explore Beyond?

Connect with us to schedule your session and start your journey into the unknown. Each session is a step towards understanding your place in the cosmos and unlocking the mysteries that await.

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