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 Universal Release Method 

The Universal Release Method.

Use this technique to let go of mental and emotional negativity and to gain insights, Know Thy True Self, and get relief and freedom from emotional and spiritual pain, limiting beliefs, conflicting desires and more.

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The Universal

Release Method

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If you would like a 1 hr Live Training Session, I will personally teach you and walk you thrugh the technique on Zoom.

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You can release the emotional charge from just about anything using this technique.

It's universal in that way.

The trick is to break your issues and items down into bite sized bits so to speak.  Don't bite off more than you can chew as it were.

But when you break it down, and start doing this simple release technique, you will start noticing the energy release in chuckles, laughs, outbursts of anger, yawns and more.

The main idea is simple - you have an opportunity to talk it out.  This course teaches you how to identify and properly word your issues in such a way as to be able to talk it out, and get to the bottom of it all.  And sometimes there WILL BE an underlying item or issue.  This method is designed to uncover those as well, so that they to can be identified and plugged into the release questions and talked out at this deeper level.

Are you having difficulties talking to the one's you love most?

Your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, life-partner, son, or daughter?

Is your relationship with them complicated?

Are you finding it difficult to talk to them about the important things?

If so, we have good news!

We now (for a limited time only) have a special offer for you.

The Universal Release Method is a fast, easy way to release your communication and relationship issues in ways that will improve your communication abilities and your relationships.

It does this by helping you release those issues that are getting in the way of you being able to talk about the things you and your partner need to talk about most.

So if you have a hard time communicating and creating a loving, trusting relationship, we have some good news for you.

Our team will give you all that you need to change your life today.

Relationships get complicated when you can’t talk openly with those you are in the relationship with.

But what if you had a technique that would help you be both a better listener and a better communicator when it comes to the serious, most important and most relevant issues or topics that you and your special someone NEED to talk about?

Well this course offers you this with a powerful, transformative technique and over 50 very specific and relevant questions you can ask your sweetheart (or hopeful) or that they can ask you.

This course will teach you to open up to your significant other and help them open up to you.

You will be taught some simple yet very powerful communications skills and techniques that will make you a better listener, while at the same time, giving you the opportunity to finally ask or be asked some serious, relevant questions that will allow you (or them) to finally talk about it. What ever ‘it’ may be.

The technique you will learn is so smooth and easy, you could literally do it on another and get them talking about the important issues or relevant subjects, and they would not even know you are doing it. This technique will make you a much better communicator and an excellent listener and someone others will want to open up to.  And like-wise this technique will also help you or your significant other talk out those things that are often difficult to talk about.

Not only do this technique do the above for you but it also helps you talk it out to a release.

And by release what we mean is, whoever is doing the talking, they will begin talking about 'it' and begin talking it out and be able to let go of the issue, so that it’s no longer an issue.  In other words, you get to talk it ALL out, get it ALL off your chest, and this feel the relief of having said it all, and thus you are able to let it go.


And you learn to let go using
The Universal Release Method.

This course will show you how to apply the simply yet powerful techniques that will enable you to excel in creating and allowing more loving and supportive relationships in your life.

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This can be yours.

Start today.

Warmest regards,


Blog Entry:
Hi all, this is Akvile.
Rich and I did about 7 sessions today and it was really fun.  As an auditor I find it more enjoyable than most of the techniques, because I get to see how a pc has an issue, but just in a few minutes we're able to go deeper into the whole process, learning more about how the mind works, how closely things are related, realizing sources of main issues that so many people have, but the most amazing part is that pc realizes what was going on, why was it happening, and that we don't have to hold onto the thing, that's been messing with us. It's amazing to see a person coming emotionally up tone, releasing the emotions and energy that was held inside for so long, and then feeling light headed or becoming more optimistic.  Getting rid of old beliefs, thinking, feeling etc. and understanding - "Oh, so that's why it was happening! Now I can finally be free of this!" 
I got a few sessions myself ( which I normally don't like doing), but the first hand experience you get is astonishing. I have lots of issues myself, most of them are about communicating, because of my past lives and what happened here on Earth. So it was nice, I got a great laugh and release, felt very happy just by seeing clearly why I was feeling and acting certain ways (Why I'm so closed up and not too social).
Still that's something I want to work on, study and understand better.  
Fun thing - if you break down your issues and find some easy items ( that's for starters), the whole process can take 3 maybe 15 minutes, it doesn't require lots of energy or concentration or special work. Definitely a thing that you can do on the go - anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
Important thing as always is finding and naming the subject/item/issue - the whole work is easy and it will bring you up tone.  If you keep working on yourself one step at a time, just a session a day, you'll finally be able to be fully yourself and feel good about it.   Maybe most of you already have it easy, but I guess there are those of you who still struggle with being open, saying what you think or feel, expressing yourself and being free of worries.  
But if you work on it, I'm sure that you can reach great results with it.  
Guess that's all for now ;) 
See ya 

Using The Universal Release Method

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