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 Guided Oobe Technique 

Hi, this is Rich.

I have always had a passion for getting out of body.

I used to gaze at the stars when I was kid.  I felt this longing and this yearning.  I was drawn to the heavens, like so many others.  What is it? What do I long for? I don’t know but I want it.

Then when I about 15 years old I read a book about this guy who feel asleep and woke up in another world, another dimension. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to consciousness shift to other planes and other worlds and go traveling and exploring the Universe, I just didn’t know it at the time.

Well I finally got straight on that and learned how to do it. But as I was searching for the techniques for ‘getting out’ and theories on how it all works, I learned one technique in particular has lead to the findings you’ll read about in this book (namely that I have figured out a way to coach a person into consciousness shifting to other planes and dimensions while maintaining voice contact with me, their coach).

The coach has the person coached (pc) do various mental and spiritual drills. By doing these drills, the pc gradually, more and more, shifts their attention and consciousness away from the coach, and away from the physical. Gradually over a period of time the pc is able to fully shift enough attention and consciousness away from the physical world and into a non-physical realm that by their own reckoning they have shifted fully to realm as real if not more real than physical reality. This is a form of multi-dimensional travel, that is more and more being discussed and debated over the net and in some very interesting books you’ll find here and there.

There’s some technical stuff about how and why this consciousness shifting works and I will share this as we go, but what I have in mind is to share our adventure with you the way it happened for us. And the best way to do that is through the various reports and emails Rachael and I wrote back and forth to each other during this research into consciousness shifting and the guided oobe.

So here’s our story starting with guided oobe session report #1. 

From: Rich

My report on Guided Oobe Coaching Session #1

My Guided Oobe Reports are from the coach or guides point of view of course with more emphasis on the procedure and the process, while Rachael's and Lisa's are going to be full of all the interesting details of what they saw, did and felt - as the traveler in training.

To be clear, in this session I coached Rachael by having her do many different things during this session that I don't actually mention in this report (my oversight). Rachael's memory on this was better than mine and mentions a few I left out.

From what she says in her report you begin to get an idea of the different activities, drills, exercises and what-have-you that she gets coaching on during a guided oobe coaching session.



Ok, Rich's report:

It was way past mid-night - it had been a long but enjoyable day spent with Rachael.  She was all comfortable at her place, and I was all comfortable in at mine.

We were talking on the phone about oobe stuff and although we could hardly stay awake, we were having too much fun to let ourselves fall asleep.

So we just kept talking and talking.

We didn't realize it at the time but we were inadvertently doing one of the key steps to having an obe.

That key step is "Mind Awake Body Asleep."

Our bodies were starting to fall asleep as we talked to each other but we (spiritually) were making ourselves stay awake.

What happened next was that both of us started seeing those images, those vivid flashes of color, those scenes that just pop up and then disappear real fast. We were both going into the hypnogogic state even as we talked to each other. Maybe you have experienced this yourself. It happens a lot when driving through the night when you should really be pulling over and getting some sleep. You start seeing vivid images flash before your eyes. This is because you spiritually are Willing yourself to stay awake - even as your body is falling asleep at the wheel. It's the hypnogogic state.

Well I knew exactly what those vivid visions meant because I had used them successfully before to help get me or someone else shift consciousness to another plane of existence. They are windows into the other worlds.

I suggested to Rachael that we try to use these "windows" as a means of coaching or talking her out of body.

Rachael loves this oobe stuff as much as I do so she was up for it, so we proceeded.

The trick was to help Rachael take control of the images that were turning on and off and flying around 'in her head'. And to coach her in to taking control of those images .

The idea is to get them to turn on (or move in) and then stay there, without disappearing or shifting away again. If we could get to there, then I could coach her into doing more things with those images.

By the way, if you can easily see and control vivid imagery yourself - you can try on yourself these things I am having Rachael do. (You don't always need a coach - though it might help).

The techniques we used started working and Rachael was able to gain control of those images.

The techniques I used, I learned from years of doing various kinds of 1 on 1 facilitation work. I actually collect spiritual development techniques and I also develop my own. The guided oobe coaching technique a.k.a. Coached Consciousness Shifting I came up with, from sort of putting together in new ways, lots of things I had learned over the years. In a new way, for a very specific purpose of consciousness shifting into other planes and dimensions.

With Rachael comfortably in control of (and looking at) these vivid images - holding them steady now - we were able to do lots of other techniques to help get her from just "seeing vivid imagery" to shifting consciousness more and more toward a full blown out of body state consciousness shift.

Important note: The whole session is NOT one big out of body experience (oobe/obe). No, the whole session is about coaching the pc (person coached) into more and more ability to withdraw consciousness from the physical - by doing these various drills and exercises - while simultaneously coaching her into putting more and more of that consciousness into a non-physical environment -an environment that starts out as "nothing more than" a stable vivid mental image. So if you decide to have a consciousness shifting coaching session yourself, your coach is going to help you with this. But your coach does not cause you to go out of body, or consciousness shift into a higher plane.

Between the two of us we were able to do all the little tricks and maneuvers that eventually allowed her to shift all the way in consciousness - so as to bring her fully present into a non-physical environment with what we call 'oobe consciousness' or 'exterior with full perception'. And we did this all while still in voice contact with each other.


To be clear and to give credit where credit is due, Rachael really loves this stuff and works at it a lot and is very good with mental imagery. So it's not "all me" coaching her into this. This is a team effort.

So anyway, as the session transpired, somewhere along the line I asked her to find something she could see her reflection in. She found a water trough, and described what she looked like (she looked real good - but different - she'll tell you more about that in her report.


One thing I thought was particular interesting. I had Rachael make a sound with her 'over there' voice.

This sound I asked her to make is called the hu (as in chew) sound. This, I read about from some Eckankar materials. I once did the hu sound over there myself and experienced a reverberation through the entire other-world environment. Weird. So it occurred to me to ask Rachael to do it too to see if she got similar result. (Eckankar if you don't know is a group that has a great deal to say and do - as regards the out of body experience or 'soul travel' as they call it. I've gone to a few meetings and read a few books on the subject but that's about it. In the big picture I know very little about it Eckankar, only that it wasn’t my thing.)

When I made the hu sound over there, I sort of sang the word out loud - Huuuuuu - in one long syllable)... and the sound came booming back to me from the distant mountains. It was awesome in it's deep clear tone. Echoing and reverberating back the way it did. There was a quality of vastness and ancient power in it. It was...profound.

Next noteworthy thing; Somewhere in this session it occurred to me to ask Rachael to see if she could find another 'me' (another Rich) over there. But I didn't want to ask her to do anything I thought she might not be able to do because that's a big no-no in this kind of coaching).

So instead I just asked her to find someone who she would enjoy seeing - leaving the "see who" part rather open ended.

She said she wanted to see me so I figured if it was in her to look it would all work out just fine

So I said 'Ok'. And then I kept quite while she looked for Rich/me over there in the non-physical.

She wasn't finding me though and I started getting concerned. I waited a little longer and she still hadn't found a Rich over there.

So without saying anything to Rachael I thought, 'Well, maybe I should at least imagine myself over there for her to see."

So I did that, and instantly upon thinking that thought I hear Rachael on the phone say "Oh there you are!"

And I'm saying (to myself) "Oh my God! Did I just create myself there just now? With nothing more than a thought?"

I decided to do another little experiment to see.

The experiment was simple. From in my physical reality room, without saying anything to Rachael about it, I imagined that I was the Rich over there and that I was waving to Rachael.

Then I said into the phone to Rachael, "What is Rich doing now?"

"He's waving to me", she says.


A lot more happened but Rachael will tell you all about it from her point of view.  Fill out the "I'm Interested" Form to get her report.

Note: One of the things I really like about gathering like minded individuals together and teaching them how to do this is that you can meet them in our group training, get to know them, and afterwards, work with them.  The two of you can practice together, you can guide them, they can guide you.  Swap sessions with each other.  


Warmest regards,

Rich West


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I remember one of the first things I had them do was imagine their astral bodies.  Put both hands on the desk.  Good.  Now imagine lifting your right astral hand out of your physical body.  Don't move the physical.  Lift the astral hand out.  Good.  Put it back down.  Good.  Now left hand, then lean right, lean left.  Just the astral body leaning out as the physical body stays sitting upright.  One fella, Donnie said he almost fell out of his physical body he leaned so far.  And I'm like omg, this is working faster than I thought.  We went from there onto more exercises - all students had good to excellent visualization skills, and before long we had created a class room, they could walk around it, touch the walls, write on the chalkboard, go outside, with beautiful lawns and pathways and a fountain, then finding spirit guides and talking to them and all this. 

If you are an artist or musician and you have great visualization ability or great audio recall, and can imagine and hear music in your imagination, you have the ability to get out of body/Consciousness Shift fully into other planes and dimensions you learn and practice the Guided Oobe Technique.

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