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 Quick Scans $15 

Quick Psychic Scans.

These are $30 quick scans.

When Akvile reads an email with your story, she instantly starts seeing your stuff.

This comes natural and she cannot help but see it.

If you would like Akvile to write you back quickly and tell you what she is seeing while reading your email, this is what we call the Quick Scan.

It's only $30.

After you buy write to Akvile at

Be sure to put "Quick Scan" in the Subject Line.

In the Quick Scans she does not do any of the clearing work, entity work or energy work.

But she can write back to you quickly and tell you what she is seeing.

All you have to do is write and tell her your story - tell her what is bothering you, what your situation is, your stuck conditions, harsh circumstances, things that go bump in the night, creepy people in your life, concerns or curiosity about your past lives, between lives, abductions, entity attachments, targeting, implants known or suspected, etc. etc.

Just write to her and when she reads your email she will quickly scan and write back with what she sees.

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