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 Oobe Technique I used last night 

This is a simple technique but will it really work?

This technique is best done early (4:00-5:00am) in the morning after you have slept most of the night.  Make yourself wake up early.  And try it then.  You can try it anytime but I have found this to be one of the best times.

I was bored and curious about what was keeping me from getting out one night, and was wondering if what I was focusing on had something to do with it.  It usually does, so this time I asked myself, what if I just need to focus on things in the higher planes?

So I thought of a simple set of commands thinking maybe this will help me focus.

The basic commands are...

See something (non-physical).

Feel something (non-physical).

Hear something (non-physical).

But watch the video as I explain it in detail there. 

This is what other people who tried it have to say about it.
(I found there comments under the video.)

Rambo Rasanen5 years ago

Im lucky I found this video last night! I tryed the Obe technique by imagining angel but instead of repeating this thinking process I just kept my mind quiet until I fell into sleep. (was hard though) After like 2 hours I was dreaming and suddenly dream ended and I found myself in sleep paralysis. Then I heard some feminine voice calling me by my name. That sp was one hellish ride but the voice kept talking and it made me more relaxed. After the vibrations were gone she hugged me and said that I could take solid form now. I was little confused and I thought she meant with "solid" that I had to wake up so I did but after I gazed my dark room and went through that conversation in my head several times, I realized that she possibly wanted me to take "solid form" in astral world. I felt so stupid but on the bright side I wrote down about my experience in my dream journal and while doing that I just kept telling myself "this Rich is REALLY one genius man".

Jimmy Rene8 years ago

Good stuff Rich! Now that you mention hear something or see something, Last night I actually opened a live channel in my head, but the odd thing about it it was someone i knew who was talking. And then I saw a live being that was trying to keep my legs from going side to side before my separation point. But what I didn't know is the fact that my powers work without being fully separated. I was so happy cause when i saw it, i had no fear, and just shoot fire at it. It didn't come back! ----->

Alexander Färlind8 years ago

I decided to try this technique out last night, and the results were awesome. After the third or forth time of repeating those lines, I got intense vibrations and got strange sensations! Now I've only tried it once, but I'll try it tonight aswell. Thanks Mr!

JayStayHip9 years ago

Technique work like a charm last night. On three separate occasions I was in a vibrational state. You say to get relaxed so I wud do this technique a few moments after waking up. With in seconds I'm vibrating very fast . With out losing consciousness .

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