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 Wins - Mads 01 

Mads did the first Soul Contract Removal Bootcamp with me.
Here's some wins he had from doing bootcamp.

Hay Rich! :D (this is Mads) 

Now that I am finally finished with all exams and shit, I would take the opportunity to thank you for all the things u taught me at bootcamp :D It was amazing how much progress I personally felt I went through in those 2 weeks! 
A few i want to share with you:
I removed fear in general ( you said you wanted my feed back on this one), even if it was a fear that was big in that way that it was not specific.
It actually worked, but since then I later had to go through some of them again in detail. 
What i find strange is that if i get scared (for whatever reason) my body jump but my soul dosent, if that make sense?
Its like muscle memory :O 
On my way home from England to Norway I was sick and i decided to try to remove my cold with soul contracts, and it actually worked!
No i did not get instantly better, but my heavy head stopped and never went back, it seems that i stopped the progress somehow, either way it definitely helped me.
I removed a contract related to being nervous when pitching (products) in front of people, and man its amazing! I am so relaxed its funny i just dont give a shit, and i love it so much. 
In general I am more pleased with my self, I though I was happy with myself but this is only proof that one can feel even better! I am more happy and i dont care anymore, I love to say exactly what I feel, even if the other person might get hurt, but man those words was my honest thoughts it feels so good to say them :D
I still cant get out of body, but (like I told you earlier) I remember my dreams more easily, and recently I started to fly, warp and bend space in my dreams and thats something i never done before, ITS SO AWESOME! And sometimes I am aware that it is a dream but i dont want to do anything, or cant do more, which frustrates me a bit :/   however I will say that its definitely some progress :D  And now I have time to go trough your OBE stuff in a proper way trough my notes :) 
I have done manny removals now, sometimes it works better that others sometimes i need to do it again sometimes not (like you said in your newest video they come back) But basically wanted to thank you for being awesome teaching us this! :D 
I just watched your newest video ( are you a hard case) and ave some questions about the next booth camp, I can see that i still have access to the forum, does that mean that I am automatically enrolled? ( enrolled either way)  And I think i know the answer to this one but i have to ask, I need to pay again right? ;) Will i always be a part of your forum or will you remove those who does not joine again? 
if I did understand you right, its basically what we did just on drugs? Now that you have more knowlage of it ;)    
Hope u have a great time in Europe! :D 
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