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 Special Offer Training Package 

Here's the

Special Offer.

The Premium Training Package.

Everything you need to get out of body,

Escape the matrix and be free of prison planet earth.

This total package includes:

This Oobe Bootcamp Course.


Decide and Win Tech.


The Universal Release Method.


The Soul Contract Revocation Course.


The Entity Removal Course.


A 1 hr. Consultation and Training Session with Rich on Zoom.

But Wait!

There's More!

You can get this Ultimate Training Package 


for only


Watch These Unbelievable Success Stories with Life Changing Break-throughs in Stem Cell Research.

Who do YOU know with Issues like these?

And can they get the kind of miraculous results that so many others have gotten!

This stem cell stuff is cutting edge.

And completely affordable - costing about as much as your monthly vitamins and minerals would cost.

Read or watch some of these mindblowing, amazing testimonies and decide for yourself.

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