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 OOBE Training Program 

Hi this is Rich.

Here's Everything You Need To Know To Get Out of Body

(All lessons are on the left password protected)

OOBE Bootcamp

Start Your Training Today.


Welcome to your Oobe Bootcamp


The Oobe Research Project.



What you get.

  • Way more than just the proven effective Oobe techniques.
  • A unique new approach to getting out of body.
  • Cleverly designed set-ups and prep work for getting out.
  • Basic obe theories and principles explained in text and audio/video format
  • Unique Obe techniques you maybe never knew existed. 


Getting Started.

Here's what's to know as you are just getting started.

As you go through each lesson in sequence you will gain more and more insight, practice, expertise, knowledge, understanding and ability as regards 'how to get out of body'.



This, generally speaking, is an intensive training program.

In the Obe Research Project part, the emphasis is on set ups and preparation, as well as testing out unusual techniques for getting out that I have used over the years.

We are setting you up and preparing you psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to have the out of body experience.  This is a major part of your training.  These things that you will be researching, doing and trying - nobody else is doing.  But every one these techniques have worked.



A new way to approach getting out of body - Experimental.

Over the years I have experimented with many different things that could possibly help a person get out of body. 

Everything I share with you has worked for me (not always but on occasion) and so the real question, is will they work for you? 

Some of these techniques may get you out really fast.  



Practice By Design.

This bootcamp and research project is designed to increase your ability to get out by changing your mind set, belief systems, emotional responses, vibrations, level of confront for the unknown, your consciousness levels, your ability to quiet the mind, your ability to be awake and conscious while your physical body is asleep, your ability to remember what happened when your body is asleep and much more. 

But all this takes practice. 

So we practice, we do daily drills, we do exercises, we keep at it, and we build a strong stable base from which we then launch into the exciting amazing multiverse where we can be free, where we can learn about life and the greater reality in a whole new, refreshing and very reliable way.  This is how we get of body when we are not naturals.



How long does this training last?

You can take your time; take as long as you need or want to learn the materials and techniques.  Or you can work at it intensively.

Learn everything you can at whatever pace is comfortable for you. 

Try everything.  See what works and what helps. 


Are you ready to start?

When you are ready to start, just click Buy Now.  And you are on your way.

You will be taken to the paypal page where you can process your order.  (You do not need a paypal account) .

After the transaction completes, you will be redirected to the Thank You Page where you will find instructions to begin right away.

Getting out of body will give you that feeling of freedom and liberation, that incredible Lightness of Being, that we allknow deep down is how we are supposed to feel all the time.  This course and getting out of body will give you insights you need into your immortal, spiritual life, in very profound ways.

If you want to understand the multiverse and your very existence to a whole new level and be free of the confines and the programming of this worldly experience, learning how to get out of body is the thing to do.


Warmest regards,

Rich and Akvile 
rich2150x (My Youtube Channel)

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